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Hello Bidet Bottle

Hello Bidet Bottle

When a tap is not available, the solution for intimate hygiene is Hello Bidet BOTTLE!

It is easy to use, you can use it wherever and whenever you want: it does not need batteries and it is ideal for use at home or outside / on the go thanks to its very small size and weight.

It is useful for female intimate hygiene, during monthly period or after childbirth, it is delicate for cleaning children and it is ideal for people with movement difficulties.

Once filled with water, just press the soft bottle to get a gentle water jet for an intimate, fresh, effective and immediate cleaning, without the use and waste of toilet paper.

The nozzle of Hello Bidet Bottle is angled to facilitate use and it is also retractable to reduce the size of the product when you don't use it.

It is also equipped with a practical resealable soft bag to store it hygienically.

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