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What is Hello Bidet? ▾

Hello Bidet is the practical hand-held shower that allows you to take care of your personal hygiene in a hygienic and easy way, while comfortably seating on the toilet.


Hello Bidet is ecofriendly: it doesn’t  need  batteries or electricity, to operate because it  connects directly to the tap and works exclusively thanks to the water pressure.

Why use Hello Bidet? ▾

The use of Hello Bidet guarantees a correct and deep personal hygiene and prevents infections of urogenital and anal tract.


Washing with the hand-held shower Hello Bidet, in fact, provides a higher level of hygiene because it is not necessary the contact between hands and intimate parts.  


Moreover , unlike other similar products (such as "Shattaf") which are permanently installed to the toilet hose, Hello Bidet, in a completely innovative way,  connects to the sink, to the bathtub or to the shower in a moment according to your needs, allowing you to regulate before use also the temperature through the tap.


It does not require special maintenance and can be stored in a small space and in a discretely way after use. 

Who is it recommended Hello Bidet? ▾

Hello Bidet is recommended to all people who want take care of their personal hygiene stay fresh every day. 

Moreover, Hello Bidet it is particularly indicated:


  • For those who don’t have a standard bidet installed in their bathroom: the use of toilet paper alone it’s not sufficient for a correct personal hygiene and there is not always time to take a shower after going to the bathroom.


  • For those who travel and cannot take advantage of the use of the bidet for the care of their daily intimate hygiene: to use Hello Bidet it’s sufficient to have a tap where you can  mount the universal quick adaptor Addy (included in the "Travel" package or purchasable separately as accessory). Furthermore, it can be easily placed in a bag or  luggage because it is very light and small.


  • For those who, for religious reasons, prefer to wash intimate parts without touch with hands: the water jet of Hello Bidet ensures a correct intimate hygiene.


  • For women who, for their specific anatomy, need to pay more attention to cleanliness, especially during  menstrual periods: Hello Bidet is ideal also for an accurate external vaginal hygiene.


  • For those who have mobility problems and need to wash or be washed while comfortably on the toilet: Hello Bidet is extremely handy and easy to use.